The objectives of the activity are to:

  • Teach the members of the consortium to use the guide for creating the “You Tell” stories in order to create their own stories
  • Familiarise the partners with the story-making process, basic creative writing and storytelling theory and techniques, as well as the concept of open-to-decision stories
  • Train partners with a significant amount of practical exercises

Teachers from each country of the consortium will be trained on how to use the “Change the Story” teaching package in order to be able to deliver the “Train the National Teachers in Using the Teaching Package” events.

Two training events will take place in the five countries of the consortium (10 in total), with 10 teachers participating in each training event (100 in total).

The “Change the Story” Teaching Package will be pilot tested with pupils in the five countries of the consortium. 3 training events will take place in Cyprus, 3 in Greece, 3 in Malta and 3 in Spain and 1 in France (13 in total). In each training event, 20 pupils will take part (260 pupils in total).

The number of the training events reflects the 3 different age groups to which the project is targeted:

1st event for 1st and 2nd Grade of primary education

2nd event for 3rd and 4th Grade of primary education

3rd event for 5th and 6th Grade of primary education