Intellectual Outputs

IO1. Best Practices Guide on Storytelling and VR Technology in Primary Education

Partners will conduct desk research and compose national reports on best practices in the fields of:

  • Storytelling in education to enrich teaching methods, aiming to develop pupils’ basic social skills
  • VR applications and other innovative technologies in education aiming to develop pupils’ basic social skills
  • Combined storytelling and VR applications or other innovative technologies in education aiming to develop pupils’ basic social skills

The outcome of this IO is an aggregate report of all the best practices collected by partners.


IO2. Creation of the “You Tell” Stories and Relevant Guide

First, a guide on how to create the “You Tell” stories [Guide 1] will be composed. This will be used as the basic training material at the Learning Activity, while after the end of the project it can be used by any interested party as a tool for familiarizing professionals with some basic creative story concept making and creative writing techniques. In turn, partners will compose the “You Tell” stories: these will comprise several ‘’decision points’’ which are the moments at which the pupils must decide what the hero of the story must do; according to the pupil’s decisions, the story is re-oriented respectively. The themes of the stories will be among the following:

  • Diversity (i.e. refugees, sexual orientation, disabilities etc.)
  • Resilience (i.e. loss management, overcoming failures etc.)
  • Friendship (i.e. where does a friendship start? Where does it finish?)
  • Respect (i.e. bullying, proper social interaction etc.)
  • Limits (i.e. prevention of breach of personal space etc.)

A guide [Guide 2] on how to use the “You Tell” stories will also be composed.

IO3. Creation of “You Tell” Virtual Reality Scenarios

In this IO, five of the “You Tell” stories will be converted into VR scenarios and a guide on how to use them [Guide 3] will be developed.

IO4. “Change the Story” Teaching Package for Pupils

Partners will compile the “Change the Story” teaching package including the “You Tell” stories, the interactive VR scenarios, the guides developed in the previous IOs and additional useful material. Then, the master teachers will be trained to use the teaching package and, in turn, they will train the national teachers on how to use the teaching package. Subsequently, teachers will pilot test the “You Tell” stories and VR scenarios with pupils.